No Mono - 'Fever Highs’ - Director / Cinematographer / Editor

Featuring original paintings by Kate Mary Palella 

Anatole feat. Tom Iansek - 'Outgrown' - Director / Cinematographer / Editor  

Finalist for 'Video of the Year' in the Queensland Music Awards

As featured on Earmilk and Fashion Journal

Happy Axe - 'Seven Sounds' - Director / Cinematographer / Editor

As featured on Gorilla vs. Bear

Luke Howard- 'In Metaphor, Solace' - Director / Cinematographer / Editor

Roadhouses - 'Black Lights' - Director / Cinematographer / Editor

Planned and executed within 48 hours.

Fractures - 'Won't Win' - Director / Editor / Co-VFX creation

As featured on Spin and FasterLouder

Tired Lion - 'Not My Friends' - Director / Editor / Colourist

As featured on Rolling StoneThe Music and Vevo

Also featured as Rage's 'Wild One' of the Week.

Jeremy Neale - 'Swing Left' - Director / Editor

Featured as Rage Indie Clip of the Week

Featured on The Vine and Casual Band Blogger

Clea -'Bright Blue' - Co-Director / Cinematographer / Editor

Premiered on Rolling Stone

Velociraptor - 'Ramona' - Director

As featured on Music Feeds

Major Leagues - 'Silver Tides' - Director / Cinematographer / Editor

As featured on Noisey - Music by Vice

Clea -'Bright Blue' - Co-Director / Cinematographer 

Premiered on The Music Network

Velociraptor - 'The Walk on by' - Director / Editor

As featured on Triple J's Home & Hosed

Marcus Blacke - 'Upon the Wheel' - Director / Cinematographer / Editor

As featured on Glide Magazine

Velociraptor - 'Riot' - Director

As featured on Purple Sneakers and The Music

Sword & Sorcery - 'Stallion Rider' - Director / Editor / VFX

April Fool's Day 2014 for Jeremy Neale.

Featured on The Music, The Vine and City & Sound.

Velociraptor - 'Sleep with the Fishes' - Director

As featured on Tone Deaf and Purple Sneakers

Dom Miller - 'Clap Your Hands' - Director / Cinematographer / Editor

'This video. Is awesome' - as tweeted by Bindi Irwin

Also featured on The Music

Go Violets - 'Wanted' - Director / Cinematographer / Editor

As featured on Music Feeds and Casual Band Blogger

Velociraptor - 'Cynthia' - Director

As featured on The Music

The Phoncurves - 'Heartstrings' - Director / Editor

As featured on Music Feeds and The AU Review

Inland Sea - 'The Only One' - Director

As featured on The AU Review

My Fiction - 'Neon Cola Signs' - Director/Editor

Featured on The Music

The Creases - 'Gradient' - Cinematographer

As featured on The Ripe

The Creases - 'Static Lines' - Cinematographer

As featured on Noisey - Music by Vice

Arcane Revolver - 'Final Destination' - Editor